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#85 - AP CH5: Inherent Precision

00:53:57  | Accuracy and Precision Chapter 5 covers the most often asked topic in precision shooting: How much will smaller groups at 100yds correlate to better hit percentage at long range?  Many shooters chase smaller groups without examining at the effect it has downrange to hit various targets.  Two better questions would be: Under what situations will improving precision be beneficial?  When is a small group good enough? Bryan and Francis cover the details of using AB Analytics software to answer this question in a variety of situations from competition to hunting.

Get AB Analytics Software

The Applied Ballistics Analytics Package is the ultimate desktop Ballistics program. Using the Applied Ballistics solver, you can calculate ballistics based on G1 or G7 referenced BC’s as well as the full library of Applied Ballistics custom drag models. The state of the art solver combined with laboratory measured drag data makes this the best and most complete solver on the market.  The WEZ tool referenced in this episode is a key feature, allowing you to calculate which variables are having the most (and least) effect on your accuracy down range.

AB analytics


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