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The Most Comprehensive, Ballistics-Focused Academy in the World.

Join Bryan Litz and his team of experts as they take you through the technical and practical secrets of putting rounds on target using the Science of Accuracy.

Follow the discussion on topics including external ballistics, competitive shooting, loading ammunition and much more.

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Exclusive Video Content

Members can enjoy informational video content from Bryan Litz and his team. Watch new videos each month as we build the academy video library.

Members Only Podcast

We’ve got exclusive audio content only members can listen to and enjoy. We add new episodes to the collection each month!

Exclusive Q&A

For each episode, there’s a member’s only comments section where you can ask questions and get answers to your ballistics related questions.

Learning Resources & Documents

Helpful downloads, pdfs and charts that you can print off and use as a resource while listening.

Bullet Data Sheets

Access Applied Ballistic’s highly popular bullet data sheets through The Science of Accuracy Academy. More calibers coming soon.

More to Come

You’ll get first dibs to new content. As we grow The Science of Accuracy Academy, we’ll be adding in-depth video content, exclusive Zoom sessions, releasing online courses, hosting members-only seminars and more!




Members can watch classic Applied Ballistics® videos covering topics from lab testing, range days, ballistics and more. We’re adding new videos to The Science of Accuracy Academy library weekly!



Join Bryan Litz and the Applied Ballistics team as they talk about all things ballistics including testing at the lab, range day interviews, in-depth walkthroughs of Bryan’s books and relaxed fireside chats.



Read through a variety of informative articles, blog posts and documents including valuable ballistics data, long range and ELR shooting techniques as well as helpful charts, graphs and data sheets. 

“These are THE resources that long range shooters need to put rounds on target.”


I have always been very interested any online and written publications Bryan Litz has to offer and the new Science of Accuracy Academy takes things to the next level! It is a new and modern offering that brings Bryan Litz and Applied Ballistics® together in one convenient site!

Joe K.

Access to Bryan's brilliant mind and his ballistics expertise is worth 10x the price!!

David L.

After listening to Bryan and Mitch talk about ballistics, I'm hooked! I am re-listening to each episode, following along with the books, making sure not to miss a detail. They expound on information I would never have considered on my own and they boosted my understanding of long range ballistics more than any other resources I've found.

Alan H.

This podcast has completely transformed the way I think about ballistics and competitive shooting. It feels like I'm getting inside access to Bryan Litz's brain!! I love every minute and can't wait for more!

Betsy W.

I'm obsessed! I’ve been on the site for the last couple days straight. This material unlocks a lot of mental potential for competitive shooters and really shines light on Applied Ballistics® and everything they do to improve long range shooting!

Matthew V.

Hands down the best value for the money for anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of ballistics.

Brandon H.

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Our science supports competitive shooters, hunters & the military and can be found in state of the art tech throughout the industry. Check out more about it on our website.