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#111 – Preparing for NRL Hunter

00:58:09 - This week, Francis connects with Mitch on his approach and planning for the upcoming NRL Hunter season. They discuss his rifle build, planning for success, plus tips to…
Francis Colon
January 16, 2024

#108 – 2023 AG Cup Francis Colon

00:53:50  | Congratulations to AB Team member Francis Colon on his stage wins at the 2023 AG Cup, competing against the top 30 shooters in the country. Join Bryan and…
Dan O
February 2, 2024

#107 – Reloading for Elite Competitors

00:47:49  | Bryan and Francis discuss reloading for elite competitions and getting the most out of your system. The consistency requirements of your ammunition can vary greatly depending on the…
Dan O
February 2, 2024

#96 – Planning Your Approach

00:45:43  | Whether you're a novice or expert in long-range shooting the decisions you make have important consequences. Bryan and Francis discuss the aspects of "planning" as it relates to…
Dan O
August 31, 2023

#91 – AP CH9: Trajectory Modeling

01:03:21 | Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting; Chapter 9 Trajectory Modeling. Bryan and Mitch talked about the key elements that go into Trajectory Modeling and how a ballistics…
Dan O
July 26, 2023