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#116 – The Purpose of Airgun Research

00:31:18  | Francis and Bryan discuss and explain the importance of testing airguns, along with 22lr and subsonic centerfire projectiles.  Subsonic flight is characterized by challenges in projectile stability and…
Dan O
April 26, 2024

#115 – Ultra Slow Projectiles under 1200 fps

00:29:28  | This week Bryan and Francis wrap up their discussion on some of the important characteristics of subsonic projectiles. The benefits and disadvantages of subsonic flight are tightly related…
Dan O
March 22, 2024

#112 – Shot Show Recap

00:28:46  |  This week, Bryan and Francis recap their experiences from the 2024 Shot Show, including new air rifles to subsonic systems to new products and trends across the industry. …
Dan O
February 2, 2024

#110 – Evolution of Bullet Design

00:43:12  | Advancements in bullet design over the last 150+ years have "lead" (pun intended) better precision and accuracy across all platforms. This week, Bryan and Francis cover how aspects…
Dan O
February 2, 2024

#109 – Modern Solvers and Drag Explained

00:36:33 | This week on the Science of Accuracy: Bryan and Francis deep dive into the history and evolution of modern ballistic solvers and drag modeling.  This episode answers common…
Dan O
February 2, 2024

#106 – The Weakest Link

00:43:31  | This week Bryan and Francis discuss "The Human Element" which tends to be the weakest link in the chain, leading to errors that catch shooters off-guard. They offer…
Dan O
November 22, 2023

#102 – Precision Rifle Myths Part 1

00:44:16  | There are lots of myths and half-truths surrounding Precision rifles. This week Bryan and Francis discuss popular misconceptions on topics including load development, action tolerances, accuracy vs precision,…
Dan O
October 20, 2023

#99 – Is your rifle really zeroed?

00:47:13 | Zeroing your rifle is a critically important step towards creating predictable impacts at all ranges. This week Francis and Mitch discuss the important factors to consider when zeroing…
Dan O
September 28, 2023

#66 – Bullet Selection

01:02:23  | Are you using the correct bullet for your application? With hundreds of choices available, the criteria you use for selecting the correct bullet (a.k.a projectile) are extremely important to…
April 26, 2023