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Our team of ballistics experts have been advancing the science of accuracy from the lab to the range for decades.

Bryan Litz, Mitch Fitzpatrick, Francis Colon along with our guests are all experts in their fields and bring decades of experience to the Science of Accuracy Academy.

You’ll save years of frustration by listening in as they share their expertise and convey lessons learned from their own experience and accelerate your learning curve to success.

Good data is data you can rely on to make good decisions



Meet your host for The Science of Accuracy Academy, Bryan Litz.  Bryan’s education and experience in the aerospace industry, competition shooting and a drive to understand the underlying principles of ballistics drove him to advance the state of the art in this field.  Now, Bryan draws from his years of experience and ongoing research to bring this knowledge to you.  Publishing books, articles and presenting seminars has honed Bryan’s ability to deliver complex content in a way that’s easy for all shooters to understand.

Meet Our Team

Bryan Litz


Bryan earned his aerospace engineering degree in 2002 from Penn State University and spent the next 6 years working on air-to-air missile design with the US Air Force. In 2008, he went to work for Berger Bullets as Chief Ballistician. In 2009, Bryan founded Applied Ballistics where he works as a ballistician; testing and reporting on all things related to long-range shooting and external ballistics. In 2017, Applied Ballistics began executing R&D contracts for the US Government in the field of ballistics and weapon system development.

Bryan has been winning major national and international tournaments in various disciplines for 3 decades on 3 continents including NRA Long Range, International FULLBORE, F-Class TR, and Extreme Long Range (ELR).

After all these years, Bryan is still enthusiastically engaged with the long-range shooting community as a competitor, contractor, and publisher of various books, articles, and videos on long-range shooting.

Amanda Wheeler

Marketing Coordinator

Amanda has been a part of the Applied Ballistics team for almost 5 years, she coordinates all marketing efforts for AB including the Mobile Lab, social media, and the Brand Ambassador program.  Amanda has enjoyed learning about long-range shooting and has competed in a 22 LR match and light class ELR.  Her passion for the long-range community is contagious and she strives to learn more while helping others and growing the long-range shooting community.

Mitch Fitzpatrick


Mitch entered the shooting world in 2013 by entering F-Class Target Rifle competition. He, along with his father, are self-taught gunsmiths that have a passion for precision rifle shooting. He joined the Applied Ballistics team in 2014 as an intern and is now a full-time engineer after graduating from Michigan Technological University in 2020 with a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering. In 2017 he founded Applied Ballistics Weapons Division along with Bryan to execute the completion of phase 2 of the ESSO contract, building and delivering 30 precision ELR weapons systems. Mitch does all of his own gunsmithing and has even built a couple of his own actions from scratch. In addition to being passionate about gunsmithing and long range shooting, Mitch is a pilot and loves flying, particularly backcountry or “Bush” flying. He has a 1956 Piper PA-22/20 he is upgrading and is honing his skills in a pursuit to explore backcountry airstrips.

A few of Mitch’s shooting career highlights are: Junior FTR World Champion in 2013, earning a place on the US Rifle Team for the 2017 World Championship cycle (and being the 2017 Junior FTR World Champion), taking first place at the 2016 King of 2 Miles Extended Long Range shooting competition and taking 1st place in open division at the 2019 Nightforce ELR Match. Mitch has many other match wins and high level placements over the years in both F-Class and ELR disciplines, and now focuses primarily on ELR. You’ll often find Mitch traveling to matches across the country with the Applied Ballistics Mobile Lab providing shooters with radar data and general ballistics knowledge/information when he isn’t in the office working on code or in the lab doing tests and collecting data!

Chris Palka

Chief Operating Officer

Chris spent 9 year in the Air Force before being retired. He spent some time overseas, and half of his career as an instructor. He taught and certified Advanced Assaulters Course, Advanced Explosive Breaching, and the Nuclear Sniper Course. Chris is married to his wife Alex and they have two beautiful daughters Aurora and Aria. They enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking as a family. Chris is also an avid hunter, he spends most of his time devoted to this pursuit.

Francis Colon

Lab Technician

Francis studied at the University of Michigan from 2001-2005, focusing on psychology and physical sciences. He worked with Durrani Racing Components as sales and marketing director for several years. In 2013, he earned a degree in Marketing and Professional Golf Management from Ferris State University leading to a career with TrackMan Golf, specializing in radar tracking and telemetry for golf. In 2021, Francis moved to a position within Applied Ballistics, allowing him to focus on radar applications for ballistics.

Francis began his competitive shooting career in 2019, focusing on the Precision Rifle Series (PRS). His dedication to training and mental management has led to over 15 wins, multiple regional and state championships, and over 30 top-5 finishes in just his first 3 years. Notable shooting achievements include back-to-back Regional Championships, back-to-back State Championships, nominated 2019 PRS Rookie of the Year, 2-time PRS Sportsman of the Year nominee, won 2021 King of Point 28 Mile rimfire match, and won the 2021 AG Cup Elimination match.

His passion for growth of our sport and industry continues as he actively competes at the national level. Francis gives back to the community as the match director for a local precision rimfire series to share his passion with new and upcoming shooters.


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