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#115 – Ultra Slow Projectiles under 1200 fps

00:29:28  | This week Bryan and Francis wrap up their discussion on some of the important characteristics of subsonic projectiles. The benefits and disadvantages of subsonic flight are tightly related…
Dan O
March 22, 2024

#112 – Shot Show Recap

00:28:46  |  This week, Bryan and Francis recap their experiences from the 2024 Shot Show, including new air rifles to subsonic systems to new products and trends across the industry. …
Dan O
February 2, 2024

#111 – Preparing for NRL Hunter

00:58:09 - This week, Francis connects with Mitch on his approach and planning for the upcoming NRL Hunter season. They discuss his rifle build, planning for success, plus tips to…
Francis Colon
January 16, 2024

#107 – Reloading for Elite Competitors

00:47:49  | Bryan and Francis discuss reloading for elite competitions and getting the most out of your system. The consistency requirements of your ammunition can vary greatly depending on the…
Dan O
February 2, 2024

#105 – Elements of the Hunt

00:48:41  | This week, Francis and Mitch walk through the elements of planning and practice that led to Mitch's successful whitetail hunt.  It is easy to underestimate the level of…
Dan O
November 17, 2023

#103 – Precision Rifle Myths Part 2

00:35:13  | Part 2 of 2. There are lots of myths and half-truths surrounding Precision rifles. This week Bryan and Francis discuss popular misconceptions on topics including load development, action…
Dan O
October 27, 2023

#91 – AP CH9: Trajectory Modeling

01:03:21 | Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting; Chapter 9 Trajectory Modeling. Bryan and Mitch talked about the key elements that go into Trajectory Modeling and how a ballistics…
Dan O
July 26, 2023