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EP #68 - The Off-Season

EP#68 – The Off-Season

00:58:10  | Mitch and Francis discuss their off-season routines, gear management and debate whether an “off-season” exists.  From testing new equipment to planning for the upcoming season, finding ways to…
Francis Colon
January 26, 2023

#67 – Precision Vs Target Size

01:38:46  | In this episode, Bryan and Francis discuss a host of different topics related to shooting small targets (~1 MOA) at long range and how they manage their solutions…
Amanda Wheeler
January 11, 2023

#66 – Bullet Selection

01:02:23  | Are you using the correct bullet for your application? With hundreds of choices available, the criteria you use for selecting the correct bullet (a.k.a projectile) are extremely important to…
Amanda Wheeler
January 6, 2023

#53 – Hunting with Walker Daugherty

01:12:10  | Walker Daugherty of Big Rim Outfitters in Winston, NM talks with Bryan and Mitch about his experience as an outfitter and an ELR competitor.   This podcast covers long-range…
Amanda Wheeler
December 6, 2022

#51 – TOP Gun Theory

00:49:45  | This podcast covers Chapter 3 of the new book: Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting - Volume 3.  In this Chapter/episode, we present a Theory of Precision for…
Amanda Wheeler
August 17, 2022