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#118 – AB Integrated Products and Features

00:42:04  | In this episode, Bryan and Francis answer some of the most common questions received from listeners. They will mainly discuss the latest Applied Ballistics integrated devices and highlight…
Dan O
June 19, 2024

#111 – Preparing for NRL Hunter

00:58:09 - This week, Francis connects with Mitch on his approach and planning for the upcoming NRL Hunter season. They discuss his rifle build, planning for success, plus tips to…
Francis Colon
January 16, 2024

#106 – The Weakest Link

00:43:31  | This week Bryan and Francis discuss "The Human Element" which tends to be the weakest link in the chain, leading to errors that catch shooters off-guard. They offer…
Dan O
November 22, 2023

#105 – Elements of the Hunt

00:48:41  | This week, Francis and Mitch walk through the elements of planning and practice that led to Mitch's successful whitetail hunt.  It is easy to underestimate the level of…
Dan O
November 17, 2023

#102 – Precision Rifle Myths Part 1

00:44:16  | There are lots of myths and half-truths surrounding Precision rifles. This week Bryan and Francis discuss popular misconceptions on topics including load development, action tolerances, accuracy vs precision,…
Dan O
October 20, 2023

#99 – Is your rifle really zeroed?

00:47:13 | Zeroing your rifle is a critically important step towards creating predictable impacts at all ranges. This week Francis and Mitch discuss the important factors to consider when zeroing…
Dan O
September 28, 2023

#96 – Planning Your Approach

00:45:43  | Whether you're a novice or expert in long-range shooting the decisions you make have important consequences. Bryan and Francis discuss the aspects of "planning" as it relates to…
Dan O
August 31, 2023

#85 – AP CH5: Inherent Precision

00:53:57  | Accuracy and Precision Chapter 5 covers the most often asked topic in precision shooting: How much will smaller groups at 100yds correlate to better hit percentage at long…
Dan O
June 15, 2023

#74 – Interview With Ryan Cleckner

01:24:03  | Bryan chats with Ryan Cleckner, Co-Founder, former Army Ranger, renowned author, firearms lawyer and entrepreneur.  This engaging dialogue covers the gamut from interesting stories about firearms culture…
Francis Colon
April 26, 2023

#71 – Handloading

01:02:20 | Having loaded hundreds of thousands of rounds in their careers, Bryan and Mitch share their thoughts and approaches to handloading.  Not everyone reloads for the same reasons, and…
Francis Colon
April 26, 2023