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#105 – Elements of the Hunt

00:48:41  | This week, Francis and Mitch walk through the elements of planning and practice that led to Mitch's successful whitetail hunt.  It is easy to underestimate the level of…
Dan O
November 17, 2023

#84 – AP CH4: Range Uncertainty

01:03:13  | Chapter 4 of Accuracy and Precision explores the effects of range uncertainty on first round impacts.  Range to target can be achieved multiple ways with varying degrees of…
Francis Colon
May 18, 2023

#53 – Hunting with Walker Daugherty

01:12:10  | Walker Daugherty of Big Rim Outfitters in Winston, NM talks with Bryan and Mitch about his experience as an outfitter and an ELR competitor.   This podcast covers long-range…
April 26, 2023

#46 – Project Cold Bore – Phase 1

00:55:29  | Project Cold Bore is planned to be an ongoing exploration of variables affecting first shot accuracy. Bryan and Mitch discuss Phase 1 of this project which is to…
April 26, 2023