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#107 – Reloading for Elite Competitors

00:47:49  | Bryan and Francis discuss reloading for elite competitions and getting the most out of your system. The consistency requirements of your ammunition can vary greatly depending on the…
Dan O
November 28, 2023

#106 – The Weakest Link

00:43:31  | This week Bryan and Francis discuss "The Human Element" which tends to be the weakest link in the chain, leading to errors that catch shooters off-guard. They offer…
Dan O
November 22, 2023

#105 – Elements of the Hunt

00:48:41  | This week, Francis and Mitch walk through the elements of planning and practice that led to Mitch's successful whitetail hunt.  It is easy to underestimate the level of…
Dan O
November 17, 2023

#104 – Selecting a Rear Bag

00:34:35  | Rear support bags are crucial to getting the most performance from your rifle. From being more consistent to shooting smaller groups to removing wobble from sights, the correct…
Dan O
November 3, 2023

#103 – Precision Rifle Myths Part 2

00:35:13  | Part 2 of 2. There are lots of myths and half-truths surrounding Precision rifles. This week Bryan and Francis discuss popular misconceptions on topics including load development, action…
Dan O
October 27, 2023

#101 – Inherent Precision for 22lr

00:35:33  | This week, Bryan and Francis pick up the discussion on 22lr and the factors that lead to lower (worse) inherent precision compared to centerfire systems.  From projectile design…
Dan O
October 13, 2023

#97 – Dealing with Assumptions

01:22:57  | Assumptions are both helpful and dangerous within long range shooting science.  On one hand, certain aspects of long range shooting must include assumptions but other areas assumptions can…
Dan O
September 7, 2023
EP #68 - The Off-Season

#68 – The Off-Season

00:58:10  | Mitch and Francis discuss their off-season routines, gear management and debate whether an “off-season” exists.  From testing new equipment to planning for the upcoming season, finding ways to…
Francis Colon
April 26, 2023

#67 – Precision Vs Target Size

01:38:46  | In this episode, Bryan and Francis discuss a host of different topics related to shooting small targets (~1 MOA) at long range and how they manage their solutions…
April 26, 2023

#54 – BC Consistency

01:19:47  | Bryan and Francis cover Chapter 5 of the new book: Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting – Volume 3 which is BC consistency.  This includes a discussion of…
April 26, 2023