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#116 – The Purpose of Airgun Research

00:31:18  | Francis and Bryan discuss and explain the importance of testing airguns, along with 22lr and subsonic centerfire projectiles.  Subsonic flight is characterized by challenges in projectile stability and…
Dan O
April 26, 2024

#115 – Ultra Slow Projectiles under 1200 fps

00:29:28  | This week Bryan and Francis wrap up their discussion on some of the important characteristics of subsonic projectiles. The benefits and disadvantages of subsonic flight are tightly related…
Dan O
March 22, 2024

#113 – Mach Trimming of 22 Rimfire Velocities

00:28:38  | Mach Trimming: new insights into the world of 22 rimfire!  Bryan and Francis discuss a characteristic of 22LR ballistics that Bryan has termed "Mach Trimming."  This aerodynamic phenomenon…
Dan O
February 9, 2024

#95 E.W.S.P and Improving Faster

00:56:29  | This episode Francis discusses his approach to finding sources of error in the field using the acronym EWSP: Elevation, Wind, Stability, Plan/Procedure. This simple technique will help you…
Dan O
August 24, 2023

#92 – AP CH10 Secondary Trajectory Effects

00:58:23  | This episode, Bryan and Francis walk through AP Chapter 10: Secondary Trajectory Effects.  Spin drift and the Coriolis Effect are two easy to account for sources of trajectory…
Dan O
August 8, 2023

#90 – AP CH8: Leveling Your Sights

01:00:21  |  Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting; Chapter 8 covers Leveling Your Sights. Bryan and Francis talk about the importance of leveling your scope. For example: How does…
Dan O
July 20, 2023

#85 – AP CH5: Inherent Precision

00:53:57  | Accuracy and Precision Chapter 5 covers the most often asked topic in precision shooting: How much will smaller groups at 100yds correlate to better hit percentage at long…
Dan O
June 15, 2023

#84 – AP CH4: Range Uncertainty

01:03:13  | Chapter 4 of Accuracy and Precision explores the effects of range uncertainty on first round impacts.  Range to target can be achieved multiple ways with varying degrees of…
Francis Colon
May 18, 2023