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#95 E.W.S.P and Improving Faster

00:56:29  | This episode Francis discusses his approach to finding sources of error in the field using the acronym EWSP: Elevation, Wind, Stability, Plan/Procedure. This simple technique will help you…
Dan O
August 24, 2023

#92 – AP CH10 Secondary Trajectory Effects

00:58:23  | This episode, Bryan and Francis walk through AP Chapter 10: Secondary Trajectory Effects.  Spin drift and the Coriolis Effect are two easy to account for sources of trajectory…
Dan O
August 8, 2023

#90 – AP CH8: Leveling Your Sights

01:00:21  |  Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting; Chapter 8 covers Leveling Your Sights. Bryan and Francis talk about the importance of leveling your scope. For example: How does…
Dan O
July 20, 2023

#85 – AP CH5: Inherent Precision

00:53:57  | Accuracy and Precision Chapter 5 covers the most often asked topic in precision shooting: How much will smaller groups at 100yds correlate to better hit percentage at long…
Dan O
June 15, 2023

#84 – AP CH4: Range Uncertainty

01:03:13  | Chapter 4 of Accuracy and Precision explores the effects of range uncertainty on first round impacts.  Range to target can be achieved multiple ways with varying degrees of…
Francis Colon
May 18, 2023

#81 – AP CH2: Example WEZ Calculation

00:50:36  | Bryan and Francis cover AP Chapter 2, discussing the WEZ Analysis toolkit and example scenarios with the M24 Weapon System.  From some best practices to hunting scenarios, altitude…
Francis Colon
April 27, 2023

#16 – Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ)

00:38:19  | Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting - Volume 1 Chapter 14. Development of hit percentage calculation and how to use the software (AB Analytics) to assess how ballistic…
Bryan Litz
April 26, 2023