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#116 – The Purpose of Airgun Research

#116 - The Purpose of Airgun Research

00:31:18  | Francis and Bryan discuss and explain the importance of testing airguns, along with 22lr and subsonic centerfire projectiles.  Subsonic flight is characterized by challenges in projectile stability and rapidly changing drag conditions as you approach the speed of sound.  They highlight the main reasons that airgun testing are beneficial to the overall understanding of subsonic projectile flight.

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  • Michael Kontou says:

    Hi Bryan, Francis… could AB provide any comment on twist rate and gyroscopic stability for anyone wanting to build a subsonic centrefire? For example, 300BLK and the 8.6BLK are popular, and the latter with seemingly ridiculous twist rates like 3:1. Generally speaking, for someone wanting to run heavy for calibre bullets with small powder volumes to operate below supersonic, what do you suggest with respect to twist? Or maybe it is too early to ask this question!? 🙂

    • Francis Colon says:

      Hi Michael! That is exactly what we are currently working to test. There is a lot of work to be done to characterize “optimal” twist rate and what defines optimal stability with subsonic flight. There are tradeoffs with increasing twist rate that go beyond stability, which is why we are deep-diving into the subsonic projectile ballistics. Great question!

  • Michael Kontou says:

    Appreciate the reply, thanks Francis! All the best from Australia.

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