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#117 – Comparing Bullets Using Wind Drift

#117 - Comparing Bullets Using Wind Drift

00:38:57  | This episode Bryan and Francis discuss bullet evaluation and how Francis compares bullets to see if there is a practical different between bullet A and bullet B in terms of wind drift.  Too often we see shooters simply opting for the highest BC projectile without considering the potential tradeoffs or downsides to shooting a heavier bullet.

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  • Robert Haine says:

    Awesome conversation! Thanks for helping me diagnose a developing case of SD-OCD and reset on practice. Suggestion for future discussion would be the definition of “wind brackets”, considerations + process on how to create them prior to a match and how you use them on stage for corrections. Thanks again.

  • Harold Miller says:

    Outstanding. Good explanation of why a “systems solution” is needed. (Oh, and mathematician Waloddi Weibull was still alive when I was working for a living)

  • Thaddeus Seidler says:

    Your ability to get to the heart of the matter clearly is very much appreciated. Short & sweet & right on point. When I’m struggling to explain my bullet choices for a given application to a shooting buddy, I’ll just send them a link instead. Thanks guys!

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