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#113 – Mach Trimming of 22 Rimfire Velocities

#113 - Mach Trimming of 22 Rimfire Velocities

00:28:38  | Mach Trimming: new insights into the world of 22 rimfire!  Bryan and Francis discuss a characteristic of 22LR ballistics that Bryan has termed “Mach Trimming.”  This aerodynamic phenomenon near the speed of sound creates a condition that can actually decrease the effective standard deviation of your ammunition and allow you to shoot smaller groups at distance. But there is a catch… listen to the full episode to get all the details! For more information visit

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  • Michael Kontou says:

    I think the only thing better than developing technical understanding of small arms ballistics (underpinned by science), is Francis’ anecdotes and analogies. Great work!

  • Clint LeaTrea says:

    Ho-ly-crap. This makes me feel sane after shooting some really good groups at 200 and not really being able to recreate it. For 22 could this be happening in the length of a suppressor that is a little longer than normal? So pumped to have subscribed.

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