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#113 – Mach Trimming of 22 Rimfire Velocities

#113 - Mach Trimming of 22 Rimfire Velocities

00:28:38  | Mach Trimming: new insights into the world of 22 rimfire!  Bryan and Francis discuss a characteristic of 22LR ballistics that Bryan has termed “Mach Trimming.”  This aerodynamic phenomenon near the speed of sound creates a condition that can actually decrease the effective standard deviation of your ammunition and allow you to shoot smaller groups at distance. But there is a catch… listen to the full episode to get all the details! For more information visit

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  • Michael Kontou says:

    I think the only thing better than developing technical understanding of small arms ballistics (underpinned by science), is Francis’ anecdotes and analogies. Great work!

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