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#115 – Ultra Slow Projectiles under 1200 fps

#115 - Ultra Slow Projectiles under 1200 fps

00:29:28  | This week Bryan and Francis wrap up their discussion on some of the important characteristics of subsonic projectiles. The benefits and disadvantages of subsonic flight are tightly related muzzle velocity SD and BC SD. Tune in to find out.

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  • Joshua Williams says:

    Loved this podcast. Recently built a 300 blk out on a rem 700 platform to play with for “longer ranges”. I thought it was very interesting your mentions on the lengths of the built shooting from sub sonic speeds. I would really love to hear more about this topic.

  • Clint LeaTrea says:

    hello! just found myself here after researching subsonic only ballistics for about the past month. Quite literally subscribed to listen to this podcast. I would absolutely love to hear more about this. I even found a cool patent from the Department of Navy for a rounder nose bullet with a long boat tail. Imagine a sierra match king flying backwards. Cool. More Please.

  • Nathan Foss says:

    I have a rem 700 clone in 300 blackout, purely a target gun with no need for terminal ballistics. I would love to hear you guys’ thoughts on what to do to optimize hand loads for that. I’ve had it out a little past 500 yds so far and hoping to stretch out to 1000 this summer.

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