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#108 – 2023 AG Cup Francis Colon

#108 - 2023 AG Cup Francis Colon

00:53:50  | Congratulations to AB Team member Francis Colon on his stage wins at the 2023 AG Cup, competing against the top 30 shooters in the country. Join Bryan and Francis as they discuss the AG Cup, diving deep into different topics on ways to improve, what went well, what went wrong, and how it relates to other competitions.

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One Comment

  • Will Barrett says:

    Rail guns… or in this case, Bullet manufacturers test range guns. What do the actual bullet maker’s tunnel guns shoot like? Does anyone know what their groups look like? I would think that the ultimate precision would be reached with these setups…. i.e., if Berger’s tunnel targets were in the 0.4in mean radius for a certain bullet in a 20 shot group at 100 yards, it would seem that the best I could see outdoors would be bigger than that for the same components.
    It would be neat to know what the type of action, barrel length, load information and precision was for the 300gr 338match bullet I use.
    Probably secret stuff, I’m afraid…

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