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#107 – Reloading for Elite Competitors

#107 - Reloading for Elite Competitors

00:47:49  | Bryan and Francis discuss reloading for elite competitions and getting the most out of your system. The consistency requirements of your ammunition can vary greatly depending on the intended purpose, but the question remains: How important is it to focus on literal perfection on every round? From resizing to annealing to charging cases, your process and attention to detail could be the last piece of the puzzle as you work to improve your precision rifle system.

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  • Ivan Bukvic says:

    Great podcast. That with out of box thinking is a good one. Indeed, more is learned temptation to start inventing is increasing exponentionaly with each topic learned. While actually all what is needed is already in the box, invented and tested.
    Well, the nodes box is something different and in that box I am not coming back.

    Thanks for mentioning anneling. Although I do agree that bullet impact into rifling is dominant factor, which I noticed myself too by recording MV in hundreds of shots. MV SD is moving 5-10 fps, 6, 7 fps in average. Depending mainly on a condition of a forcing cone (copper fouling is worst). I also noticed that without anneling maintaining cases consistency and seal will become difficult and MV SD will start to move more, having higher values as number of firings is increasing. It is better to anneal, consistency and cases usability last much longer and results are better.

    Too bad case fill ratio is not tackled. How to test it is another problem. What made the change? Forcing cone, amount of powder burned inside the barrel or amount of powder inside the case. Difficult to answer. Anyhow, I do believe that properly filled case can only improve performances.

    Thank you on a great podcasts.

  • John Frost says:

    It’s great to see the new Garmin chronograph results and Francis’s reloading skill. I hope AB can find some time to devote the next book entirely on reloading for accuracy & low SD’s. I know it would be a best seller and become a time-honored classic. It’s a lot of fun to tinker with load development but without a complete theory and method from industry professionals is more like chasing the holy grail.

    The podcasts are interesting philosophical discussions that promote additional ways of thinking about shooting topics. Thank you for your great work!

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