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#103 – Precision Rifle Myths Part 2

00:35:13  | Part 2 of 2. There are lots of myths and half-truths surrounding Precision rifles. This week Bryan and Francis discuss popular misconceptions on topics including load development, action…
Dan O
October 27, 2023

#101 – Inherent Precision for 22lr

00:35:33  | This week, Bryan and Francis pick up the discussion on 22lr and the factors that lead to lower (worse) inherent precision compared to centerfire systems.  From projectile design…
Dan O
October 13, 2023

#94 – Using Mirage to Read Wind

00:48:50  | Bryan and Francis discuss some of the effects they see around making better shots in one of the toughest conditions shooters face: mirage. From strategies to deal with…
Dan O
August 17, 2023

#92 – AP CH10 Secondary Trajectory Effects

00:58:23  | This episode, Bryan and Francis walk through AP Chapter 10: Secondary Trajectory Effects.  Spin drift and the Coriolis Effect are two easy to account for sources of trajectory…
Dan O
August 8, 2023

#90 – AP CH8: Leveling Your Sights

01:00:21  |  Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting; Chapter 8 covers Leveling Your Sights. Bryan and Francis talk about the importance of leveling your scope. For example: How does…
Dan O
July 20, 2023

#85 – AP CH5: Inherent Precision

00:53:57  | Accuracy and Precision Chapter 5 covers the most often asked topic in precision shooting: How much will smaller groups at 100yds correlate to better hit percentage at long…
Dan O
June 15, 2023

#45 – Gyroscopic Stability

01:16:47  |  What is gyroscopic stability and how does it work for rifle bullets? This, and other related questions are the topic of this episode, which follows Chapter 10 of…
April 26, 2023