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#V023 – Getting Started with Air Rifles – Part 1

Getting Started with Air Rifles - Part 1


Join Bryan Litz as he goes from unboxing to firing the first doppler radar tests on FX Impact air rifles at the Applied Ballistics Laboratory.  The first part of this video flies thru some of the learning processes of the basics which may be useful for beginners and humorous for experienced air rifle shooters!  Later on, as the live fire testing begins, the radar tracks are analyzed, and a fire solution is calculated and applied for 300 yards with good results.  So, this video has something for everyone and hopefully is the beginning of a line of research that’s useful to the air rifle crowd.  In particular, the primary goal of Applied Ballistics doing air rifle testing is to build Custom Drag Models (CDMs) for use in the AB software devices.

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  • Scott Russell says:

    Awesome start to a series. I’ve been hoping AB would start testing high power air rifles with new products starting to really show potential for longer range shooting. One to part 2 and hope to start seeing some of the CDM’s being published. Thanks and take care… Scott Russell

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