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#01 – Twist Rate and Muzzle Velocity

Twist Rate and Muzzle Velocity

00:35:30 | Bryan and Mitch go over Chapter 1 of Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting – Volume 1: Twist Rate and Muzzle Velocity. The main question under investigation is how muzzle velocity is affected by twist rate. We discuss how it was tested, the results analysis, and what you need to know to make smart decisions on this topic.

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  • Braxton Pappas says:

    I’d be curious to see a test done where a graph is plotted on twist rate vs pressure for the same load. I wonder if would be equally as negligible as the muzzle velocity results.

    • Bryan Litz says:

      I hear ya, that would be good data to have. We’re just now looking into acquiring legit pressure testing equipment and this will be on the list to test. In the mean time, velocity measurements in relation to twist rate is the only direct correlation we can make, and that correlation is very weak.

  • Justin Martinez says:

    In regards to the increased RPM and ft.lbs of energy ( ie: 7ft.lbs./17 ft.lbs). Does this also mean that a faster twist barrel will produce a more stable projectile in the wind due to its increase in ft.lbs? Will it fight the wind better then a slower twist barrel with same projectile and cartridge?

    • Bryan Litz says:

      Justin, If your bullet’s BC goes up a little with faster twist, it can result in less wind deflection. It’s common to see incremental increase in BC as you spin it faster, and this can help with wind, but only a small amount.

  • Kaleb Anderson says:

    Is the WEZ program still available only by buying the training bundle or is there a way to download it now to use?

    • Kaleb Anderson says:

      Nevermind found it on AB by doing a search…quick question if I install it on say my desktop, tablet and phone for my 3 devices and one of those items goes down what is the process to install it on a new device?

      • Bryan Litz says:

        AB Analytics is only for desktop/laptop meaning there’s no mobile version. I think you get 3-4 seats per license but they’re all for desktop/laptop.


  • Ömer Akbaba says:

    SORU: Muzzle break ile sıfırlı bir namluya susturucu ya da bastırıcı takıp sıfırlama mesafesinden atış yaptığımızda tamamına yakını alttan vurur. sağdan ya da soldan yada alt sağdan, alt soldan grupmanlarda olabilir. Yada ayni yerden( muzzle break ile vurulan yerden) gurupman dağılımı olabilir.(not;muzzle break sökülup yerine susturucu ya da bastırıcı takiliyor)

    1) alttan vuran neden alttan vurur?

    2) sağ alt yada sol alt , sağ yada soldan neden vurur?

    3)muzzle break ile yapılan grupman dağılımı susturucu ile atış yapıldığında aynı yerden neden vurur?

    4) Hangisini tercih edersiniz?NEDEN?

  • Ömer Akbaba says:

    QUESTION: When we attach a silencer or suppressor to a zero barrel with a muzzle break and shoot from the reset distance, almost all of them hit from the bottom. it can be in groups from the right or the left or the lower right or the lower left. Or, there may be a group distribution from the same place (where the muzzle break was hit).

    1) Why does the bottom hitter hit the bottom?

    2) Why does the bottom right or bottom left hit from the right or left?

    3) Why does the groupman distribution with the muzzle break hit from the same place when the shot is made with the muffler?

    4) Which one do you prefer? WHY?

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