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#90 – AP CH8: Leveling Your Sights

#90 - AP CH8: Leveling Your Sights

01:00:21  |  Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting; Chapter 8 covers Leveling Your Sights. Bryan and Francis talk about the importance of leveling your scope. For example: How does an error in your level affect your hit percentage on various size targets at different ranges?  Which level should you use?  Is your scope verified for vertical scope tracking?  These questions and others are explored with analysis from the book as well as other related experiences from precision rifle competitions. If you want to see a demonstration of the tall target it is posted under our videos tab “V003 Tall Target Test”.

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  • hunter brewer says:

    For elr i keep my send it level at max sensitivity. Dry firing it with a solid bipod will make it show out of level for a second. The main reason i like it is because i can see the bright led out of my peripheral without coming out of my cheek weld.

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