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#83 – AP CH3: Wind Uncertainty

#83 - AP CH3: Wind Uncertainty

00:52:13  | This episode features discussion on Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting, Chapter 3 on Wind Uncertainty.  Changes in wind have a large effect on hit probability as range increases or target size decreases; looking at two venerable cartridges as examples – a 308 Winchester and 243 Winchester – Bryan and Francis work through examples and scenarios on understanding, improving and optimizing your wind calls.  Great listen for those that want to hit more targets in variable wind conditions!

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  • Iain Hutchinson says:

    One significant note to add here guys. When feeling out the wind with a kestral, have the earpro that you’re going to have during the competition on. I made the mistake of getting a real good understanding based on the sound of the wind in my ears, and then realized the hard way that with my earpro on I was blind.

    • Francis Colon says:

      This is a great point! It certainly helps to be as close to “match” or “Hunt” mode as you will be in the field while learning wind cues. Good tip!

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