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#81 – AP CH2: Example WEZ Calculation

#81 - AP CH2: Example WEZ Calculation

00:50:36  | Bryan and Francis cover AP Chapter 2, discussing the WEZ Analysis toolkit and example scenarios with the M24 Weapon System.  From some best practices to hunting scenarios, altitude effects on hit probability to understanding muzzle velocity effects on hit percentage.  This episode is a great starting point for those looking to understand how your hit percentage reacts to your environmental, ammo and target uncertainty at range.

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  • Ivan Bukvic says:

    To be honest, I always analyze with all 3 confidence levels. Why? Because I am interseted in all scenarios. Low wind, mild wind, difficult wind, problem with rifle, bad shooting… I am simulating circle target and then calculate points based on a hit percentage.

    For example, when I was investigating bullet pointing and wether is worth buying the tools. I checked that in the WEZ, especially 600m distance. For which majority is claiming pointing might not be worth the effort and money. And that is most common distance for me.
    WEZ showed me. Low wind = no change. Mild wind = a point change. Difficult wind = big change in a result.
    As difficult wind is not rare, I bought the tools.

    And it happend. In a middle of a competition something got loose and I got huge vertical (double grouping). I was on a way to train wreckage, hopeless. But in the same time wind start to go wild. 0-15+ mph (mirage gone) variable strenght, changing direction from 11-1 o’ clock to 5-7 o’clock. That is wind which blows from everywhere up to 15+mph. I remembered WEZ, i checked this situation and I can do this, this train can be kept in tracks. And I did it. Although having huge vertical, my horizontal remained low and no train wreckage happened, I took position somwhere in the middle of my group despite double grouping. I had vertical elipse group on a target, instead of horizontal elipse as it should be.
    Pointing did it’s job on 600m, just as WEZ predicted it will in those conditions. No metter what majority claims.

    WEZ is an excellent tool, which every shooter should have.

    Wind profile manager is somehow left behind. That is a great tool too. Having an idea how setup is working in a variable wild wind can make a big change and turn over train wreckage into an easy train driving.

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