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#80 – AP Introduction and Chapter 1

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting: Intro and Chapter 1

01:03:41  | Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting covers the elements related to accuracy at extended ranges, using WEZ as a method to test which aspects of your system and the environment matter the most.  Bryan and Francis cover the introduction and Chapter 1, discussing the important distinctions between precision and accuracy.  Knowing which is most important to your shooting goals is an important step towards achieving them.

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  • Andres Bula says:

    It seems now you need to have the phone unlocked and be in the browser, if you lock the phone or switch to another app the podcast stops. Please go back on this

    • Francis Colon says:

      Hi Andres, depending on your phone operating system, you should be able to do the same thing as before using the Picture-In-Picture feature in the new player. The icon to activate this feature appears a larger rectangle with an arrow to a smaller solid rectangle. On Android, you may have to tap you lock screen once and press play again; from that point you should be able to listen with the screen off, locked or even while using other non-audio based apps. For iOS, you simply press Picture-in-Picture and you should be able to listen even when screen is off.

      If you are still having trouble with this feature, please send me an email at and we can work with you to see how to resolve. Thanks for subscribing and appreciate your feedback on this feature!

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