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#75 - Interview with Gavin Gear of Ultimate Reloader

02:05:43  | Bryan connects with Gavin Gear, owner and creator of the Ultimate Reloader YouTube Channel.  The discussion centers on their experiences in arriving at high-confidence outcomes when testing for rifles precision and accuracy.   Testing rifles is not always as straight forward: some details that don’t seem to matter can be a contribute to results in the form of noise. From cleaning methods to muzzle device clearance to load development, this conversation hits all the interesting topics related to precision rifle testing and arriving at quality conclusions.

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  • Max Esser says:

    Is there a RSS feed link I can use to listen to these in my podcast app?

    • Francis Colon says:

      At the moment there is not; there are technical/security issues with linking private RSS feeds and access control. However, we are working on some new upgrades that should help with access and delivery in the near future! Stay tuned!

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