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#71 – Handloading

01:02:20 | Having loaded hundreds of thousands of rounds in their careers, Bryan and Mitch share their thoughts and approaches to handloading.  Not everyone reloads for the same reasons, and not everyone has the same approach.  Tune in to learn more about what they have learned over the years.

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  • Jay VanLeeuwen says:

    I’ll be honest and say that the first time I listened to this it half way pissed me off for the first half of the podcast. I guess that I was expecting a much more structured discussion similar to your book discussions. I got over it and listened to it a couple more times to get everything out of it. I’m a fairly new shooter, so even though some of this may be boring or unnecessary for you, it’s gold for me. Sorry for the rant. I love what you guys are doing and will keep supporting you any chance that I can, I just want you to remember what is like to be a newbie. One last thing, I can not get the podcast player to start playing if I move the play position. I have to start from the beginning and play it all the way through. I can reverse, but can’t go forward. The podcast just locks up and ends up timing out. Thanks guys! Keep proving all of these guys wrong.

    • Oscar Garcia says:

      I’ll second that on not getting the podcast player to start where I want it from my phone, I thought it was just me.
      I like to rewind alot, or pause and think about the discussion. Something neat is if your on Android you can lock your phone screen and put your phone in your pocket 🙂

    • Mitchell Fitzpatrick says:

      Jay, you bring up valid points of concern and that is something we have talked about here many times. Our goal is not to disparage anyone, however we also need to be honest about what we have found to make a difference and also what doesn’t have a meaningful impact. I think one of the most valuable things I could have been told starting out was to stick with the few things that had a significant impact and not get tied up in the rest of it. I would have had more time and money spent on the range where you get better much faster than at the loading bench. With all of that said, we will certainly do some more structured content on Handloading going forward, but its complicated and will take many podcasts. You can’t cover all of the nuances of handloading in a single podcast. As for this podcast, we wanted to give some insight into our approach and perspective on handloading based on what we’ve learned over the years. We greatly appreciate the feedback and hope you continue to find value in the information we put out here on the Academy.

  • Oscar Garcia says:

    I really liked this hand loading topic, because there’s so much information out there that it’s tough to see what’s good and what isn’t.
    In particular nodes is blowing up on YouTube, and I’ve seen several. It didn’t make sence that the velocity would stop at a node even with more gun powder… Very happy this was touched on.

  • Michael Byrum says:

    Regarding barrel harmonics, it seems like I’ve seen a video where a barrel did “whip”.
    What’s your thoughts on that and discounting harmonics?

    • Mitchell Fitzpatrick says:

      Michael we have done a lot of high speed video work with various types of long range rifles and we have yet to see a barrel whip or deviate much at all from its axis before the bullet exits. The vast majority of what little movement there is occurs straight back. After the bullet leaves, lots of different movements can occur, but not while the bullet is still being influenced. All of that said, its something that we are going to continue to look at and study!

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