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#66 – Bullet Selection

Bullet Selection

01:02:23  | Are you using the correct bullet for your application? With hundreds of choices available, the criteria you use for selecting the correct bullet (a.k.a projectile) are extremely important to ensure the best choice.  Whether you are hunting, plinking, shooting extreme long range, competing, or, perhaps, all the above, choosing the correct projectile can take your game to the next level and may even be the deciding factor in the trophy of a lifetime or a top podium finish!

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  • Oscar Garcia says:

    I very much enjoy listening to this podcast. Some feedback was how the conversation was set towards thinking whats really important like seeing shot placement. The ability to admit failure that have happened , in losing a deer in the woods, in efforts to prevent other from having the learn the hard way is very much appreciated. I came here to improve my thinking and save time in leveling up my wisdom by not having to spend all that time learning the hard way. Taking the knowledge learned from these gentlemen is definitely the insight I’m looking for.

  • Mike Patterson says:

    Good info here, enjoyed these podcasts guys!

  • Wyatt Graham says:

    I have a follow up question. With chemically bonded bullets and a touch more instability, does it come from the heat cycle in getting the bonds to happen and copper is the intersticial atom that will be able to move around more in the lead and make an imbalance?

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