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Factory Ammo vs Hand Loading: Which Is Right for You?

00:41:04  | This podcast covers one of the most common questions in shooting sports: should you use factory ammo or begin handloading?  There are multiple considerations covered including benefits and drawbacks of each type of ammo, including precision requirements, the purpose for rounds, equipment value, availability of components, and more.  While it seems like an easy decision for many, the when – and why – of deciding between investing in handloading tools can be a more complicated decision than it initially seems.

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  • Vitor Patrício says:

    Love your job guys amazing…!
    I don’t have access to your ammunition so I bought RUAG and tested it with magnetospeed V3, ES 20 is an excellent ammunition here in Switzerland, the next day I did the whole recalibration process ( Redding competition dies )and went back to shoot with my Vihta N570 300grs scenar load and the result was from ES 5, the box of 10 ammunition RUAG Target P 338 lapua mag costs almost 100.- CHF 1kg (2.2lbs) N570= 100.- + box 300 scenar 90.-chf gives a total of 190.-= 173.4 loads at 89grs… but most importantly it was a pleasure to clean recalibrate weigh everything is simply a rewarding process in the end with a much lower cost and better quality.

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