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#61 – Bryan and Mitch talk ELR with Otis White and Rusty Newton

Bryan and Mitch talk ELR with Otis White and Rusty Newton

01:06:57  |In this episode, Bryan and Mitch host ELR shooters and Applied Ballistics Brand Ambassadors Otis White and Rusty Newton.  These guys are staples in the ELR community.  We discuss our origins in shooting up thru the present day including Rusty Newtons ELR World Record!

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  • john baker says:

    A bit behind as I just watched this… A Charlie needs to be compensated for for height. Do you dial in bore to scope center? A Charlie puts the view 1.3inches higher. A Charlie or a Prism must be tested for at distance as each scope type DOES NOT respond the same to an input angled image. NF vs SB vs Vortex… all react a bit differently and potentially by brand. While it is noted the NF is state of the art we do produce prisms of angles of 0-90mil. A new Prism recipe would be needed to exceed those values. Prisms also are close to the barrel and mirage. You also have to compensate for cant. Front rails are rarely perfectly square to the action.

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