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Francis Colon wins Kahles PRS match at K&M 2022

01:16:10  | Bryan and Mitch sit down with Francis Colon; Applied Ballistics Lab Technician and PRS competitor who just got back from winning the 2022 Kahles match at K&M Precision Rifle Training facility. Francis has been consistently at the top of the PRS matches he shoots in and this interview goes into some of the thought processes that got him there. We talk about equipment, wind, mental preparation, teamwork, practice, etc. Basically, it’s a walk-thru of what it takes to achieve and sustain high-level performance in the sport of precision rifle shooting.

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  • Zebulon Jakub says:

    Flow state is simple. Boredom mixed with stress and the balance in between

  • Zebulon Jakub says:

    Csikszentmihalyi Made it simple as per recreational therapy/ mind state of well being as per recreational activities go

    Would be good to see an update research project…..

    Great podcast keep it up

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