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#42 – Laser Rangefinders with Nick Vitalbo

Laser Rangefinders with Nick Vitalbo

01:17:52  | Nick Vitalbo is Applied Ballistics’ Chief Software Engineer. In addition to leading all software integration efforts between AB and all our partners, Nick is also an expert in laser rangefinder technology. In fact, prior to working with AB, Nick worked for Lockheed Martin on projects involving laser/light waves moving thru the atmosphere. We picked Nick’s brain about the potential of atmospheric refraction moving the apparent target image, which was very enlightening. The bulk of the interview is Nick speaking to Bryan and a whole room full of Applied Ballistics staff and brand ambassadors about laser rangefinder design and performance. The conversation follows Chapter 8 of Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting – Volume 2, which is a Chapter that Nick authored in 2016. If you ever wondered how Laser Rangefinders work, what the constraints are for making them work better, and how ambient light conditions affect your LRF performance, this episode is a must!

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  • Jeremy Montalvo says:

    So for the range finders that are out currently out of the ones that also have ballistics calculators such as terrapin x, vortex fury ab and sig kilo10k , which do would you say is the best/ strongest as a range finder for max distance for PRS/NRL style targets and also which is best bang for buck using the idea of yards per dollar amongst those with ballistic calculators built in not adding all the other things they offer.

    • Mitchell Fitzpatrick says:

      The Vortex Fury and Sig KILO10K are pretty evenly matched in terms of dollars per yard and are newer designs than the TerrapinX. So between those two, you would need to look at other features besides just dollars per yard, particularly if you don’t need the increased range of the Sig KILO10K.

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