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#40 – Interview with AG Cup winner Chad Heckler

Interview with Chad Heckler

01:04:19  | AG Cup winner and Applied Ballistics Brand Ambassador Chad Heckler sits down with Bryan Litz and talks about his approach to long-range shooting, handloading, and competition. Chad is always great to talk to because he’s a very analytic thinker. In addition, Chad is also very good at articulating his thoughts. Some specific topics include handloading steps, trigger control, getting the best results from the prone position, effects of light, mirage, and aim point size on groups, and strategies for keeping your group centered in changing winds.

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  • Keith Paulsen says:

    I am subscribed to your podcasts but I can’t get them to show up on my phone in the podcast app. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Amanda Wheeler says:

    No, our podcasts are hosted from the Science of Accuracy Academy only. The reason is because we’re (very soon) going to be hosting a bunch of other types of media (video, documents, etc.) which won’t work with podcast apps. So everything is thru the Academy only.

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