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#31 Fireside Chat with Bryan, Mitch, and Francis

Fireside Chat with Bryan, Mitch, and Francis

2:34:02 | In this fun 2+ hour episode, Bryan Mitch, and Francis enjoy some cold beers and conversation around PRS and ELR shooting including the matches we shot the weekend prior (WAR and Spearpoint). Challenges encountered solutions and some pie-in-the-sky speculation about the nature of competitive shooting and the future of organized shooting sports.

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  • Iain Hutchinson says:

    Mitch is correct. The total traction force is determined by the coefficient of friction and the mass.

    Changing the surface area changes the pressure but not the total force.

    Surface area can be a relevant factor in the tire’s ability to survive obviously, as there’s more material there to be ablated away. Which can in turn allow you to utilize a much softer tire and have it survive a comparable distance.

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