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#30 – Introduction to the Elements of Long-Range Shooting

Introduction to the Elements of Long-Range Shooting

00:50:38  | Chapter 1 from Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting: The Fundamentals. This episode covers the essential elements for long range shooting and is a great place to start for shooters who are new to long-range. Basic topics such as muzzle velocity, BC (ballistic coefficient), accuracy, precision, and other essential elements of long range shooting are introduced and explained with new shooters in mind.

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  • Jason Ray says:

    Mr. Litz, you spoke against the theory of an accuracy node but what about a velocity node in a given barrel?

    • Bryan Litz says:

      Same thing. It can *look like you have a node if your sample size is small at each charge weight. However if you run the test repeatedly, the charge weight vs. velocity line gets more linear and stops showing nodes. In other words, nodes in handloading tend to be anomalies of small sample size and not actually impactful to results.
      Take care,

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