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#25 – Aerodynamic Drag and Ballistics

Aerodynamic Drag and Ballistics

00:45:45  | From the book: Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting Volume 2, Chapter 10 – Aerodynamic Drag Modeling for Ballistics. Bryan and Mitch discuss the fundamental components of aerodynamic drag and explain how the CD-Mach drag model fits into modern ballistic predictions. Some historical perspective is covered as well.

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  • Marco Iuliani says:

    Dear all,
    on a different topic and from your “canting” page on the AB log book.
    Why do I have to dial 1 Mil down before using the elevation knob as windage and vice versa when shooting with a 90° canted rifle ??
    Is the 1 Mil applicable to all caliber ?


    • Bryan Litz says:

      The 1 mil is what’s built in to have you zeroed at 100 when the rifle is oriented normal/vertical. It’s 100 yd drop + bore height.

      When you cant 90 deg, you have to take that out.


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