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Case Fill Ratio

00:45:33  |  From the book: Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting Volume 2, Chapter 7 – Fill Ratio. Bryan and Mitch discuss some of the conventional thinking about fill ratio and design some tests to challenge it. Will your lowest MV SD’s always be with a fill ratio near 100%? Listen to find out!

Listen to an excerpt:

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  • Jason Kessler says:

    Hi guys. I really appreciate your approach and I’m loving the podcasts. Can you make the podcast downloadable so I can listen while I work and not have to keep my phone open?


    • Amanda Wheeler says:

      Hi Jason, Because everything is hosted on the site downloading them is not an option, we are looking into some options that will help though.

  • Graham Lasure says:

    Need some way to listen to these when not online! Hard to want to pay for otherwise. Want to listen while driving or working.
    Please find a way

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