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#24 – Case Fill Ratio

Case Fill Ratio

00:45:33  |  From the book: Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting Volume 2, Chapter 7 – Fill Ratio. Bryan and Mitch discuss some of the conventional thinking about fill ratio and design some tests to challenge it. Will your lowest MV SD’s always be with a fill ratio near 100%? Listen to find out!

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  • Jason Kessler says:

    Hi guys. I really appreciate your approach and I’m loving the podcasts. Can you make the podcast downloadable so I can listen while I work and not have to keep my phone open?


  • Graham Lasure says:

    Need some way to listen to these when not online! Hard to want to pay for otherwise. Want to listen while driving or working.
    Please find a way

  • Ronald Withem says:

    Extremely informative there’s much more to be taken from this discussion. I hear to many people that are more concerned with higher MV over accuracy I would much rather be last one down range with an impact than I would be 1st with a miss
    I am looking to run a slightly faster powder in 2023 to see if I can get better case fill maintain my current 3.0-6.5 SD’s
    Looking forward to hearing more

    • Bryan Litz says:

      Agreed, I would also prefer lower MV with lower SD than higher MV with higher SD. You simply hit more targets with consistency.

      Be mindful of the powder charge when moving to faster burning options.


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