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#104 – Selecting a Rear Bag

#104 - Selecting a Rear Bag

00:34:35  | Rear support bags are crucial to getting the most performance from your rifle. From being more consistent to shooting smaller groups to removing wobble from sights, the correct bag could be the last component you need to upgrade your rifle. Tune in as Bryan and Francis go through the main features and considerations you should be aware of when finding the best bag for your application.

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One Comment

  • Ivan Bukvic says:

    My rifle stock (Sako TRG) is not a good friend with a rear bags. Then, I asked myself a question. How much does it really matter. I have no doubt on 100m. Precision is always better with a rear bag. But, what about further, does it really matter. WEZ is telling me, no it does not, better focus on ballistics and wind management.

    So, I tried. I have very small light Caldwell rear bag. For which I made shimmed foam fundation to be able to adjust hight.
    Then I stopped placing my rifle stock in it. Instead, I start to use it as a support for my hand. In a beggining I used fist, but later I switched tu thumb only. The bag is inside the fist and rifle stock is on a thumb.

    And then I practiced that for some time to achieve consistency.
    And yes, I lost some 100m precision. But from 300m and more, I see no difference. I am well capable to shoot identical f-class score without rifle stock in a rear bag, just like the one with a hi-tech rear bag.

    I do not bother with rear bags anymore, except for 100m group shooting.
    For the rest, it is used only as a support for a hand. And it is very small and very light, working in a same way from any surface and shooting position.

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