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#V005 Ballistic Coefficient

Ballistic Coefficient

00:26:25  | This is part of the Putting Rounds on Target DVD set. In this 26-minute video, Bryan explains Ballistic Coefficient (BC) from concept to specific examples showing how the G1 and G7 standards are used to reference BC, and why G7 is a better fit for modern long-range bullets. You’re also shown some examples of how to calculate BC from a bullets sectional density and form factor. You even go into the field with Bryan for a quick look at how BCs can be measured from time-of-flight testing (this portion is somewhat dated as it came before Applied Ballistics used Doppler Radar). Understanding the content of this segment will enable you to understand what BC is physical, how to calculate it, and how to spot inflated BC’s that you sometimes see from bullet manufacturers.

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