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#115 – Ultra Slow Projectiles under 1200 fps

00:29:28  | This week Bryan and Francis wrap up their discussion on some of the important characteristics of subsonic projectiles. The benefits and disadvantages of subsonic flight are tightly related…
Dan O
March 22, 2024

#101 – Inherent Precision for 22lr

00:35:33  | This week, Bryan and Francis pick up the discussion on 22lr and the factors that lead to lower (worse) inherent precision compared to centerfire systems.  From projectile design…
Dan O
October 13, 2023

#100 – Why is 22lr different?

00:36:04  | The differences may shock you. This week Bryan and Francis discuss what makes 22lr different from centerfire covering; trajectory, zero range, aerodynamic drag, muzzle velocity, and more. Get…
Dan O
October 12, 2023