Whidden Pointing Die Set


Components of the system
There are 3 major components of the system: The die body, the tipping insert, and the caliber sleeve.
•The die body is the same regardless of what you’re pointing.
•The tipping insert determines the tip angle, and is optimized for specific bullet geometries. The designs for the tipping inserts were engineered by Applied Ballistics (Bryan Litz) to maximize drag reduction for each class of bullet shape. See which insert you will need to point a specific bullet.
•The caliber sleeve is simply a sleeve that guides and supports the bullet during the pointing process. Caliber sleeves work for any bullet in a given caliber.

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The idea of pointing the tips of match bullets is to increase BC and uniformity. Different bullets will benefit from this process more or less than others. The BC increase has been measured between 2% and 8% for a variety of long range bullets. Many shooters ask: “Is the benefit of pointing bullets worth it in terms of time and money?” To address that question, consider the situation depicted in the following image. Consider a bullet that’s deflected 10.5″ by a 1.5 mph gust. For a shooter centered up in the X-ring (conventional prone target), missing that 1.5 mph wind gust results in the bullet landing just outside the 20″ 10-ring for a 9. Now consider a bullet that’s pointed and has a 5% higher BC. In the same 1.5 mph gust, the bullet is now only deflected 9.5″ and still catches a 10. F-class and Benchrest group shooters can decide how much that 1″ difference in wind deflection means to their results. The above example only addresses the advantage of increasing BC. Pointing bullet tips also increases uniformity as well (more or less depending on how uniform the bullets are to begin with, out-of-the-box). Bullet pointing has been in common practice for a number of years now with no identifiable downside.

So what is the burden of this performance increase? Of course there’s the initial cost of the tool. After that, using the tool is fairly quick and easy, taking less than 10 minutes to point a box of 100 bullets.

What is a bullet pointing die?

A bullet pointing die is a die used to more sharply point the meplat (tip) of a bullet. Although it is typically used on Hollow Point match bullets to significantly close the size of the hole in the meplat, it can be used on lead tipped hunting bullets for the same purpose. This process dramatically helps the aerodynamics. Remember that if this hole can be closed to half of its original diameter, the area of that hole is only one fourth of its original size.

How much BC will I gain by pointing bullets?

This depends on several variables, but typically about .035-.040 points for a 6mm 105gr. VLD. Bullets with larger meplats will benefit more than those with smaller meplats. Smaller diameter bullets will benefit more than larger bullets. For example, a .224 80 grain bullet shot at 1000 yards from a .223 Remington benefits greatly.


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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 5 in
Caliber Sleeve

.22, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, .30, .338


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