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The Applied Ballistics® Precision Data Book has been developed to work alongside ballistics solvers and software. The AB PDB compliments ballistics solvers while supporting a wide range of shooting disciplines. Use AB Analytics or Point Mass Solver to preemptively fill data table cards for a match, or conversely use an AB device alongside PDB device information while hunting or on operations.

The AB PDB provides a versatile, hard-copy, single-source location to record profile and ballistics information. This product contains quick reference shooting information, ballistics solver setup, troubleshooting and device screen reference guides, external ballistics summaries, and notes sections.

The AB PDB is offered on Rite-In-The-Rain paper, presenting the user with an extensive amount of practical information in a ruggedized and water-resistant product.

Applied Ballistics® has designed this product to supplement advancements in long range shooting technology. A highly ruggedized and durable, waterproof option is also available upon special order. Contact Applied Ballistics for more product details and pricing.

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The AB PDB contains over 150 printed Rite-In-The-Rain pages to record or reference ballistics information:

– Gun Profile & Ammunition Data

– Muzzle Velocity & Drop Scale Factor Ballistics Calibration

– Scope Calibration

– Practical Data Summary Tables & Zero Impact Shifts

– Cold & Clean Bore

– Static & Moving Targets

– Multi Target Sketch & Target Cards.

– ICAO Stand Atmosphere

– Velocity Decay Compensation

– Tall Target Test Reference Information

– Wind Deflection Estimation

– High Angle Shooting

– Moving Target Engagements

– Range Estimation

– Scope Adjustment & Unit Conversion

– AB Ballistics Solver Information

– AB Device Screen Reference Guides

– External Ballistics Summary

– AB Device Notes

– Target Dimension Log

– Notes

– Weapon Round Count Log

AB PDB device information section supports the following Applied Ballistics ® engines, Kestrel® 5700 Elite with Applied Ballistics®, Garmin Foretrex® 701 Ballistics Edition and Sig KILO2400ABS™ devices. Applied Ballistics® has designed this product to supplement advancements in long range shooting technology.

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